Our flexible design service allows us to provide you with tailor made solutions to suit you individual needs and take care of the all aspects of the work.

At Sterling Wilson can we can offer professional and high-quality, suspended ceilings as a practical solution for concealing services, room control, uneven services, or simply for aesthetic purposes.

There are few limits to the use of drop ceiling and they can be combined with integrated lighting and sound solutions to cover a wide range of environments.

Suspended Ceiling Styles

A new suspended ceiling has the ability to totally transform your workspace, there are so many different options and applications available it’s possible to utilise them on almost any project. Whether it’s something more traditional, the modern industrial look of many open-plan offices or a clean minimal style, the drop ceiling can help effectively continue the look.

Why Choose Sterling Wilson for your project?

Increasing Property Value
Along with maximising the efficiency and productivity within the workplace by making an investment in the business environment, you are also helping in increasing the overall value of the property in the market.

Experienced Install Team
Our experienced, multi-disciplined team will take care of all aspects of the project, looking after you from day one through to completion and beyond. We are experts in transforming buildings and interiors into effective and fully functioning workspaces.

Health & Safety
Safety is of the utmost important at all stages of the project. Out team will ensure that all current health and safety regulations are being are met during the work, both for your and our piece of mind.

We take care of everything
Since we handle everything from start to finish, our dedicated on-site team will manage all trades through the build, keeping things as simple and hassle-free as possible for you. We can also advise on and supply furnishings and fittings as required.

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